Many a time in life, you know something but it is veiled until someone comes along and puts a mirror in front of you and you realize and accept at once. I just finished reading the feedback on my writing. It was really like a perfect mirror to what was both good and what needed improvement. Thanks a lot. I will surely work on the suggestions given to me — and I really feel like doing it now!

– Narendra Vellanki

Before I submitted my manuscript to Writer’s Side, I had sent out my proposal to at least 10 other publishers and literary agents. Most publishers/agents liked my proposal and my plot. However they turned me down at a later stage of evaluating the manuscript. I didn’t know where I was going wrong. I was disheartened. After I sent my manuscript to Writer’s Side, I was turned down again. They declined to represent me. Instead, they gave me an option to get my manuscript assessed. It would cost me, of course, but I couldn’t refuse the offer of a professional literary agency to assess my work. So I submitted my manuscript and waited for the response. To my surprise, I received the response within a month as I was promised. I went through the critique and was positively taken aback to find that Writer’s Side not only found the faults in my manuscript but also gave me some invaluable suggestions. I worked on those suggestions and fixed my manuscript. I then submitted my proposal to some new publishers. This time, bingo! I was able to get two publishers interested in my work. I chose one and am now working with the editor to finalize my product. Many thanks to Writer’s Side for taking the time to look into the work of a first time writer like me. I couldn’t have asked for more. I wish Writer’s Side the best in all their future endeavors. Thanks a million!

– Jayanand Ukey


Thanks to the Writer’s Side team, and Kanishka especially, for making this dream come true for me. I had come across many agents before I opted for Writer’s Side’s editing services. But the way Kanishka has shown interest and commitment in turning an amateur job into a novel is truly fantabulous. I am sure nobody else could do it in such a way.

He talks his heart out, he gives true feedback which might make writer feel bad at times, but nothing helps you better. Initially, when I approached him, he called me in less than 10 minutes time and asked me to send the manuscript. Within no time after reading that when he straightforwardly said, “Your language is not good at all, It needs correction to a large extent and needs a rewrite too.” I was not sure at all whether my novel would be published anytime soon. But he sent me my story in much better shape than expected and within the time frame he promised. The best part – his team gave my story the edge it was badly in need of. He works really hard for his clients and is really passionate about what he does.

Thanks once again to one different human in this world – Kanishka Gupta. While we all are stuck in 12 hour jobs, he is someone who doesn’t mind working for 24 hours. I will surely look to Writer’s Side’s help again in the future. I wish them best luck in all future deals and endeavors.

– Arpit Vageria